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At All Creatures Animal Hospital, I’ve used my extensive experiencing working at other animal hospitals to inform my decisions in creating my own hospital from the ground up.

All of my decisions are rooted in providing your pet with the best and safest veterinary care.

  • Licensed, highly-skilled, knowledgeable, experienced staff to safeguard your pet’s health, and to assist in improving his/her health, happiness, and well-being for the years to come.
  • Fully modernized monitoring, diagnostic, surgical, and laboratory equipment to help ensure your pet gets the very best veterinary care available.
  • Anesthetic recovery/ICU equipped with adjustable temperature, oxygen, humidity control, and video camera, allowing for continuous monitoring.
  • Height-adjustable examination table.
  • Floors that provide your dog with good traction (slippery floors often create fear and anxiety in dogs and their owners).
  • Thick, comfortable pet beds, to enhance your pet’s sense of comfort, decrease stress, and create a home-like atmosphere.
  • No stairs (especially important for pets and their human companions with mobility issues).
  • Quiet, calm energy to minimize stress and promote relaxation.
  • Dog and cat designated consultation rooms fitted with pheromone air dispensers to decrease your pet’s anxiety, while promoting his/her sense of well-being.
  • Adjustable lighting to protect pet’s with sensitive eyes, and to decrease sensory overload.
  • Filtered air, air-conditioning throughout hospital, increasing the health, safety, and comfort of your pet and you.
  • Located within an open-concept mall, where you may browse, shop, or grab a coffee, if we need some time investigating your pet’s health.
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