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Services Include:

Allergies are often not recognized when they are the root of problems observed. Many chronic ear infections and anal gland problems are not recognized as being triggered by allergies. We are proactive in allergy avoidance and in recommending immune system management. Good allergy management can not only give your pet a more inflammation free life but save you in pet care expenses from recurrent problems.
We have performed hundreds of knee surgeries. We are usually dealing with ruptured or misplaced ligaments and we repair their integrity artificially and with repositioning surgeries. The knee is a joint under stress with an athlete, and our pets are basically athletes, or out of shape athletes. So it is not surprising that they can have knee troubles that need evaluation and repair. We have the experience to help you, and can do in house or referral surgeries with specialists in our new surgical suite.
We have the equipment to perform dental procedures to near human quality precision, or we can take an old school approach to just removing the worst teeth and help you manage to maintain the rest of the teeth. Specialists can be called upon to do specialized repairs and repositioning work. We helped some of the Vancouver Police Dogs getting titanium teeth after fracturing them getting some “bad guys”.
We have special interest in dermatology (skin disease). The skin is a large organ of the body that can be subject to inflammation and a signal of inflammation elsewhere in the body. We are committed to a “parasite free” life for our pets. We also advise on environmental allergen management and food management to limit the inflammation of the skin, and secondary infections with yeast and bacteria.
With experienced technicians and an on-staff nurse we are able to handle most of your emergencies. We have an Intensive Care Unit that will maintain an ideal temperature and oxygen environment for healing and recovery. Our staff is committed to quality management of details on your pet’s care. We have the experience and staff to perform emergency surgery. We are always available at 604-560-8344, but if we can’t attend quickly enough, or your pet is in a dire emergency we are lucky to have access to the 24/7/365 Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley at 604-514-1711 # 306 6325 204th St. Langley.  
Managing the gastro-intestinal tract for minimal inflammation should be a lifelong goal. As young animals we ensure a “parasite-free” environment in the “guts” so that a good seal is present immunologically to minimize development of allergies later in life. As older animals we limit the reactivity of what is eaten by minimizing the number of treats given and recommending hypoallergenic feeding when necessary. The treats we give out are Royal Canin Anallergenic dog treats and Hills Hypoallergenic Treats for cats. Many dogs get into things that are not good for their gastro-intestinal health so we recommend routine deworming with a product that also works on giardia parasites.
We are set up to handle all your hospitalization needs with experienced dedicated nursing and registered technician staff dedicated to detailed management of clinical cases. We can utilize the controlled, oxygen enriched environment of our intensive care unit (ICU) to heighten management of critical cases.
We invested in modern technology so we can stay current for the next 20 years and maintain our high standards and attract new talented professionals to serve our valued clients and patients.
Our specialized ICU can make the difference in critical case management.
The “eyes are windows to the soul”. We want you to enjoy the spirit of your pet, and the love in their eyes, and we want them to see the love in your eyes. We take eye health very seriously, and have access to a specialist ophthalmologist to give you the best care possible.
We can perform all types of fracture and musculo-skeletal repair. We can coordinate with specialist surgeons to create solutions for any repair challenge. We have specialized orthopaedic repair programmes on our computer system to bridge the gap from x-rays to repair plans.
We can assist you in body condition management, recommend specialized diets for inflammatory conditions and for genetic predisposition. Bladder stone prevention and urinary crystal management are important to us.
“Wellness” implies dedication to surveillance for disease and management to create optimal health. This is our credo and our dedication.
We encourage spays and neuters to control behaviour and sexual frustration, to minimize the risk for cancer, and to control the unwanted pet population. These surgeries are discounted in price, but the same quality pre-anesthetic testing is done as on any of our surgeries.
All our surgeries undergo thorough pre-anesthetic testing. We have a large well equipped surgical suite. All surgeries can be performed.
We want to maximize protection from our vaccination programmes, so we encourage you to follow timing recommendations. We offer discounted pricing to encourage you to follow through on proper vaccination protocols. We don’t believe in overwhelming the immune system, as all vaccines cause some stress to health status so must be used judiciously.
We use every modality to obtain accurate diagnoses, and have the experience to know when it really is wise to pursue the next level of diagnostics.
Internal medicine is a challenge that begins with listening to history, observing for signs that are often subtle, and putting together a story that explains what and why health is suboptimal. This is a challenge that gives health professionals their passion.
Any surgery that can be done, can be done by us. Over the years we’ve conquered most of our surgical challenges, from broken bones in a 1 kg Yorkie puppy to 75 kg Great Danes.
  • Allergy Management
  • Boarding-Grooming
  • Dental Care
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Gastro Intestinal Management
  • Hospitalization
  • Pet Nutritional Counseling
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic Repairs
  • Pet Wellness
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Surgery
  • Vaccination Plans
  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Veterinary Internal Medicine
  • Veterinary Surgery

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